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Wow is right! Thank you so much for this great review, Amy! Sometimes, not everything goes according to plan, but this describes our best efforts to a T and what we hope for in a best case scenario. We also hope this helps give our future clients insight into the value of not just our product, but especially the service we provide with a Whole Street Wedding Film.

With the capabilities ever-advancing technology gives us as individuals, we can understand how some people might be troubled by a quote we give them. We know that it is likely a family member or a close friend can make a wedding video for next to nothing or nothing at all. Because, hey, that’s where we started too! Thankfully, we have managed to make this our life’s work. #TeamWholeStreet is not just a team of professionals, but a group of passionate and artistically driven people with a vision to collaborate and create a timeless product. This is where we separate ourselves from those “cutting you a deal.” Our intentions are to go above and beyond our client’s expectations, whether they know every detail of their wedding or hardly have a timeline of events laid out. Its not just the day of your wedding that we show up, but every day before and after, until our client is poised with excitement. Excitement to share their experience with us and not to mention, their #WeddingHighlightVideo with their family and friends. 

Thank you for all of those who have taken the step forward to work with us at #WholeStreet and trusted us with such a special and momentous day in your lives. This is not something we will ever take for granted.





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