Whole Street was born from love of filmmaking and telling stories.

An award-winning St. Louis video production dedicated to creating custom video assets to tell your story, increase awareness, & convert more clients/customers.

We grew up in a small Illinois town – a potentially bottomless pit for creativity. Our first creative partnership came in the form of a garage band in High School. It was awesome.

As we both moved on to college, the projects became video/film-related. Michael was writing his own music at the time, and Ryan shot his music videos. It was a great way to train our creativity, create a process, and really build a team dynamic.

Around 2014, we both decided to take the leap and go full-time into producing video. Weddings were our main source of business – and have now grown into a substantial operation – but in the last few years, we’ve shifted our focus to commercial production and narrative work.

Our goal is to create Hollywood-quality productions at a fraction of the price and really allow local businesses to reach untapped potential.


We want to help you produce eye-catching, informative, & creative video production that can be tailored to any type of viewing platform. We have honed our craft to produce high-quality content at any budget level.


It’s our job to bring tangible results to your business and marketing efforts, while exhibiting full transparency from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with content that creates growth.


We start each project with a clear and focused path to success - creating a dynamic visual approach, unique to each and every client. We don't want to show off our style because our style may not jive with what you actually need.


Ryan Tolleson

Founder & Director

Michael Segura

Founder & Producer