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Whole Street Production blog image for article - Why your brand needs video content
Whole Street Production blog image for article - Why your brand needs video content

It’s 2017! Why Isn’t Your Brand Creating Video Content?!

“Content is king.”

For those of you that are in tune with today’s marketing practices, you may be familiar with this phrase. It’s true. Content is king. In fact, Marketing via content (or simply content marketing) costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing and it generates more than three times as many leads.

Those are convincing numbers. But, Whole Street Productions is a video production service… so what about video content specifically? We’re glad you asked. Because if content is king, then video content is emperor.

We’re not just saying that either. About 78 percent of the general public watches videos online every week, while 55 percent watch online videos every day. On top of that, adding a video to your landing or sales page can increase conversions (sales) by 80 percent. 80 PERCENT!

Obviously, the proof is in the pudding. And we could throw statistics at you all day. But, for those of you who are business owners on a tight budget or are just starting out with creating video content, you may want more justification or a better understanding of why video content is so powerful for brands.

So, that’s what we’re going to give you.

Video is more personal

Video content allows you to showcase your brand’s personality more intimately. Images and written content can only go so far in doing this. With video, you’re capable of diving deeper into the narrative or story you want to tell.

It makes sense too. Videos contain movement, people, sounds, and an overall atmosphere that is more engaging than other forms of content. As such, one can more easily become attached to your brand’s message.

Video builds trust

New sales are built on one thing: trust. Building trust should be its own goal for your brand. In fact, the whole idea behind content marketing is to build trust and foster long-lasting relationships. With video, your brand can create an individualized approach through conversation, story-telling, providing useful information, and more.

We must warn you though – that trust will only come from a sincere place. So, if your video content is too sales-y or if it’s misrepresentative of your target audience, then you will lose out on potential customers. You will lose their trust and you’ll hurt your band image. We urge you to be genuine with your video content and to share your message in a thoughtful way.

Video boosts social shares

Video content evokes emotion. And, it’s important to know that in the context of social media, people love to share their emotions. A 2016 study revealed that 76 percent of social media users would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. So, go entertain! Utilize elements of fun, drama, or excitement in your videos to encourage social media shares.

There is no guarantee that your video will go viral, but that’s not really the goal in the long run. The goal is to create entertaining video content that genuinely shares your brand’s message. In doing this, you inspire your target audience to share your videos with others. While those shares aren’t exactly return-on-investment, they do lead to increased web traffic. You can take it from there.

On set of a video shoot - Whole Street Productions
On set of a video shoot - Whole Street Productions

How to Plan a Successful Video Shoot

Like most great things, a great video is planned properly. Whether it’s a music video, promotional content, or something else, everything is taken into account. The videographer carefully chooses a location. The producer fills each role with the right cast. The creative team spells out a unique narrative. All the details are accounted for and now it’s time to film.

Well, we’re the first to admit that planning a successful video shoot is easier said than done. That’s why we’re so adamant that all your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed before you begin the filming process. By properly planning out your video shoot you’re more likely to avoid mistakes, stay on schedule, and create the video you and your team set out to make.

Here are some critical pre-production tips and strategies that will help get your video shoot off on the right foot:


Any successful or compelling video will contain a unique angle or narrative. What story are you setting out to tell? And, who are you telling this story to? By pinpointing your message and audience, you’re better able to visualize real locations to film in and know what equipment you’ll need.

Shot Structure

With your unique narrative and audience in mind, it’s time to consider the video’s shooting structure. Perhaps it’s a promotional video that will include talking heads. Maybe your video tells a story that requires smooth, steady panning. It’s possible that you’re targeting a younger audience, calling for the use of quick camera movements and various angles. This is pertinent information that will assist in choosing your location, equipment, and cast.

Location Scouting

Let’s find a place to film! When doing so, it’s essential to know what time of day you plan to shoot and to visit potential locations at that time. Carefully observe the environment and take into account the natural lighting, ambient sounds, and any nearby structures or buildings. One thing that is easily overlooked is the availability of electricity. Make sure you can power your equipment!


Speaking of equipment… By now, you have a clear idea of the gear you need based on your video’s message, audience, and location. Apart from having the right video equipment, it’s crucial that you enrich your set with props. Consider clothing, food, cars, objects, or anything needed to help in creating an aesthetically compelling video. Utilize your crew and/or assistants to get and maintain your props throughout the filming process.

The Cast

Need actors? You’ll need to hold a casting call. If your video is promoting a business, then taking advantage of the business owner, managers, or employees to use as cast members is worth considering. To that end, you may even require real customers to enliven your video. However, note that the use of actors makes more sense if the video calls for scripted movement and dialogue.

4 Ingredients Every Promotional Video Needs to Drive Results Whole Street Productions
4 Ingredients Every Promotional Video Needs to Drive Results Whole Street Productions

4 Ingredients Every Promotional Video Needs to Drive Results

You believe your brand is ready to take the next step with its marketing efforts. So, you think to yourself, how about a promotional video? My friend, you would be making a wise decision in choosing video content to take your company’s marketing to the next level.

Businesses that use video content grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. On top of that, one-third of online activity is spent watching video. There’s no better time than now to dive into using video content to promote your brand.

Okay, I know I want to create video content for my brand, but what goes into that? The simple answer is… a lot. Don’t worry though – we’ve narrowed “a lot” down to four all-encompassing ingredients every promotional video needs to drive results.

1. Clear and concise

You must be straightforward. People don’t have time to waste on random banter or drawn-out information. They have clicked on your video and now they want to understand what message your business is trying to send. Give that to them in a quick manner.

2. Personality

It’s more important now, than ever, to show your true self. Your audience will connect with you and your brand in a more meaningful way if you utilize your personality. Robotic talking heads are not something that will differentiate you from your competition. Showcasing a sense of humor or excitement is something we recommend and push for in our clients’ videos.

3. Simple, yet purposeful editing

Flashy, quick cuts are fine to grab the viewers’ eyes, but you must know when to ebb and flow. Mixing in longer shots can significantly help keep the audience involved and wanting more. Too fast, they may not comprehend. Too slow and they might get bored.

4. Great audio/music

The proper musical piece helps to balance visuals and engage another human sense. However, you don’t want something that is out of place or edited in simply because it’s a popular song. The audio has to have meaning and help accentuate the feelings you are trying to convey about your brand. Correct volume levels and proper audio editing are also important factors that many companies and individuals forget about.

Whole Street on!


We are approaching our first full year being part of wedding vendors and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made to help reach out to new clientele and showcase our best work. We want to thank all the couples who took the chance with #TeamWholeStreet to capture and recreate their special day with our #Wedding #Highlight #Video. Especially those who have taken the time to share their experience with us in their reviews on our profile! It really helps to provide a solid and trustworthy background of our work and dedication to our client’s satisfaction and we could not appreciate it more! We are winding down as we reach the New Year, but our 2017 schedule is booking fast. For those of you who are still unsure of hiring a videographer for your wedding, we hope you find solace in all 12 of our 5 star reviews. See for yourself at

They’re not all Good Projects

Eager to work, #TeamWholeStreet started contacting local artists, business owners, engaged couples and filmmakers to see what potential existed in each industry of video production. Ryan and Mike were quick to learn that not everyone had the passion and drive as they did to attain the quality, they knew they could achieve. It has been a crash course in this business of visuals & sound for the team. But, persistence would soon begin to pay off…

A Bumpy Road

The two picked up a handful of projects from short films to extended family’s wedding highlight videos, as well as music video’s for some of Mike’s songs featured as, MiLow. Due to a lack of finances, Mike took a year off school. The duo worked diligently to take advantage of the time they had living closer to each other. This is when Whole Street was born. Thanks to Ryan’s parents allowing them to use their basement as office space, they constantly made their way from one location of filming to finding themselves driving back down the gravel and pothole riddled road (no matter how much you refilled it), that led back to their basement office. Yes! And now you know the story behind the company name.

Whole Street Film

Ryan was in film school at Webster University learning to make a film, like good film students do. Naturally, his high school buddies were of the first he enlisted for cast & crew. This is when Mike was given a crash course in movie production. With hardly a clue as to what his responsibilities were, he fit right in, while he was ready to do whatever it was Ryan needed assistance with. This was Ryan’s first role as Writer/Director and Mike’s first experiences as a Production Assistant, unbeknownst to him.


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