‘Obedient’ – KG Lillian

May 12, 2020
KG Lillian Performs on Bed for Music Video for Obedient
Obedient Music Video by KG Lillian

'Obedient' Music Video by KG Lillian

KG was very interested in themes of isolation, bondage, and having creativity stifled. Therefore, she made sure they were evident in this narrative music video. In other words, she put her character in a literal box and was forced to find a way out.

We shot this video in about 5 hours in St. Louis, MO on Panasonic GH5’s with Sigma Art lenses. We had a great collaborative vision with KG and because of that, we were able to quickly move through shots and setups and capture some wonderful footage.

KG Lillian’s honeyed sound was born by a west-facing bedroom window that the singer-songwriter grew up gazing out of. With inspiration deriving from that view and the nights she’s spent away from it, KG saturates her lyrics with a reflection of triumph, heartbreak, and emotional exploration. From her roots in Missouri to the time she covets outside of it, she writes with two core feelings: familiarity and curiosity.

Leading with familiarity in her youth, KG was inspired by her family to navigate her need to create toward instruments and sound. Her father introduced her to the guitar, supplying melody to the poetry she found shelter in. She wrote after school daily, preferring chords and paper to any other extracurricular activity.

In high school, KG shared her creative pursuit with close friends. Indie-pop trio January May lead her to a win on Artist Signal, funding the group’s debut album. Curiosity lead her 800 miles away as she followed the band to Austin, TX and spent 3 years curating a sound inspired by the city and the travels it lead her to go on. January May won Belk’s Southern Musician Showcase, performed at SXSW as an official artist, and toured through the mid-west and east coast before the band divided.

After rediscovering her sound in the hills of Missouri, KG has returned to Austin. Now approaching the vibrant city as a solo artist, KG thrives on dictating her creative direction and writing with honesty and heart. Fusing her grunge influences with sweet, ambient vocals and breezy electric guitar, Lillian’s fourth single “19” paints the story of a summer from her youth. Hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.

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