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Whole Street Productions is a St Louis video production studio that specializes in creating visual and audio media. We focus on capturing your style and vision through video.



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From Our Clients

“Team Whole Street will exceed your expectations in every way. We were thrilled with the video that they captured for our special day. If you’re looking for a talented group of artists to make the most of your wedding videography, look no further.

Our Process


Creating a plan of action


We provide consultation (in-person or via phone/Skype) to build a plan of action for your project. After a structured treatment is created, we take care of the rest. This includes finding locations, casting actors, employing crew, and supplying equipment. Making you feel at ease and as relaxed as possible, is our number one goal. As a team, we build shot lists, schedules, and coordinate all important details.

Media Capture

The highest quality at the lowest cost

Media Capture

To bring you the highest quality at the lowest cost, we use Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. They’re a huge bang for your buck and rival many production cameras at a fraction of the price. This allows us to bring full HD and 4k content to your audience, without breaking the bank. During the production process, we will guide the shoot and continually check in to make sure everything you’re looking for is shining through.

In-House Editing

Consistent from start to finish

In-House Editing

One huge advantage to our company is the fact that we don’t send our media out to be finished at an alternate post-production studio. This guarantees that from start to finish, your vision is consistent. We edit each project with the utmost care. You may think this would take longer, but since we know exactly what we are aiming to accomplish, we can easily transition those ideas to a fully realized video.


Push your content to your audience


In the past, TV was a main source of programming and advertising. Now, with cord-cutters and HD video streaming, consumers have infinite media at their fingertips. Publishing video to your website, YouTube page, or even Instagram is instantaneous and can reach millions at a relatively low cost. This is where we start. However, our production is broadcast ready if you choose to purchase airtime.

From Our Clients

“5 out of 5 stars is simply not enough credit to give to Whole Street Productions. We’ve worked tirelessly on building our brand and when we reached out to Whole Street Productions I was immediately blown away by their knowledge and communication.

Mike Radosevich

Co-Founder | Code 3 Spices

We work with businesses, musicians, and individuals who want to share their vision with the world.

#TeamWholeStreet works off your own ideas or creates a concept from scratch that presents your style

#CreateDifferently is our unique approach. We use an innovative & structured process with our clients

#MicroBudget affordability is what we offer. High-quality results that won’t break the bank

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