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Documentaries, movies, film shorts… Whatever your idea is, we turn concepts into motion pictures.

From concept to post-production, we create robust films that tell your story.

When turning your idea into film, the know-how a professional videographer brings to the table can’t be overlooked. From projects big to small, we showcase your story in an innovative way that will resonate with viewers.

Why Us?

At Whole Street Productions, we love creating film. We do this for work and for fun. (Yes, we’re lucky) There’s no project too big or too small that we won’t turn our creative juices loose on and come up with something that’s truly unique.

How We Do It

We love each and every aspect of creating art through video. So, for us, it’s not really a question of “how?”, it’s closer to “when can we start?”. With our special collaborative approach, we’re able to tune into your passion and do what we love – create.

Kings: A Spec TV Pilot

#TeamWholeStreet was brought in to help writer and director, Chris Love, produce and shoot his screenplay about a man who realizes his brother’s murder is part of a larger conspiracy. Click the button below to learn more about this exciting project!

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