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Learn about our motivation to create a better kind of video production company.

Our Story

About Us

Man shooting video with easy rig in a studio
Ryan Tolleson
Principal, Director, Director of Photography

Michael Segura
Principal, Executive Producer, Editor

Our company ethos.

Whole Street was born from love of filmmaking & telling stories.

We're an award-winning St. Louis video production company dedicated to creating custom video assets to tell your story, increase awareness, & convert more clients/customers.

As we have a deep affection for St Louis, we've always had the long-term goal of building our company here and helping to grow the community.

How we serve our clients.

It’s our job to bring tangible results to your business and marketing efforts, while exhibiting full transparency from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with content that creates growth.

We aim to create commercial-quality productions for small-business budgets.

Our Story


Why we're such fanatics about storytelling.

Our love for media and creativity has taught us the mantra: Story First.

Cool-looking visuals are great but if it lacks heart, its’ effectiveness withers. We are here to help you balance information, creativity, and emotion.

  • We've been in business for over a decade
  • We've shot across the country and work with clients all over the world
  • We've worked across the spectrum of industries

We started a video production company because we...

A. Love making videos and being creative

B. Witnessed the immense power video has to transform a brand.

‍Video is one of the most effective marketing tools on the planet, as long as it's combined with the proper strategy and execution. We noticed a distinct gap in the market between videographers with business knowledge, and marketing professionals with an eye for creativity.

Behind the scenes of a video shoot with a man being interviewed
Our Story

OUR Clients

We work with all shapes of clients.

We’ve cut our teeth on creating advertising for start-ups and non-profit organizations and we want to help your business grow. No job is too big, nor too small for us to handle.

We think any business can benefit from more efficient marketing. So, we work with the businesses that realize that and want to take action towards improving the communication of their brand. We love business owners who are hungry for growth. Business owners who dream of building their business to be better, stronger and serve more people

We work primarily with the business owner, the internal marketing team or the external agency who is handling the marketing/communications for the brand.

We work with a range of business types, including:
  • Automotive sales and financing
  • Consultants, coaches, public speakers and independent contractors
  • Construction, production and contracting companies
  • Local community hubs, such as coffee shops and restaurants
  • E-commerce brands (both online and offline)
  • SaaS, app, tech and software companies
  • Advertising agencies

Want to see if your brand/business is a good fit? Head on over to our discovery form, or click the link below to book a call with us!