Video marketing trends have taken the world by storm and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to a recent study, in 2019, video will account for more than 85% of US web traffic.Research shows that when you’re allocating your 2019 budget, investing in video marketing is a worthwhile spend. According to Forbes, companies utilizing video content experience a 41% increase in traffic through web searches compared to companies that don’t use video.If you aren’t using video to connect with your consumers and attract new ones, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. As video continues to grow in popularity, we’re sharing 3 trends to embrace in 2019 to effectively use video in your business’ marketing strategy:  

1. Focus on making better video, not more video.

Stats like the ones shared above show us just how over saturated the marketplace has become with video content. Instead of creating just to create, think about the type of video that will resonate best with your consumer audience based on your goals. Once you’ve done that, put together a plan around creating a video that will break through the clutter and will keep your audience hooked. Whether it’s video that lives on your homepage to tell your brand story, or a personalized video as part of an email marketing campaign, working with a video production partner that has storytelling background and expertise will help you create something memorable and with the ability to keep your audience engaged.

2. Make it mobile friendly.

You don’t need a study or survey findings to suggest just how integral mobile has become in our daily lives. The average number of hours per day that the average person spends on their phone continues to climb every year and 2019 will be no exception. With that in mind, the video content you’re investing in for your business should be optimized for mobile platforms so that consumers can enjoy your video content in the palm of their hand. This includes adding captions so the video can be watched without sound, making content that lives on social channels shorts and sweet, and ensuring the video isn’t too detailed to be seen on a smaller screen.

3. Embrace the trend of E-learning through video.

When it comes to educating an audience and teaching something new, there’s no better platform than video. Whether you’re teaching consumers how to use a new product or teaching employees how to complete a task, video allows you to share information in a clear, visual, and personal way that can be shared and re-watched. According to Forbes, 95 percent of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10 percent retain information from reading. So meet your consumers where they are and teach them something in a format they appreciate.  No matter what your business, there are plenty of ways to include video in your overarching strategy in a way that will drive results.For example, Whole Street Productions worked with Metro East Humane Society to help them create a piece of video content that could tell their company story and attract volunteers. Link to video.

And check out this example of a piece of video content Whole Street Productions created for Balto Software to help showcase the power of their tool through video marketing to increase sales. Link to video.

Interested in learning how Whole Street Productions can help you create video content that will help you achieve your goals? Schedule a 30-minute consultation with us to learn more about the types of video content that could benefit your business. OTHER PUBLISHED COMMERCIALSThe Income Development Guys - St. Louis, MOCode 3 Spices - Collinsville, ILThe Weeping Willow - Bethalto, IL

July 12, 2022
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