How to Generate High-Quality Business Leads Using Video Marketing

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you are a small business owner, then you must have figured out that continually generating and nurturing leads is the only way to remain in business. Irrespective of how excellent your business’ products or services are, without a constant flow of high quality leads coming through the door, your business is doomed to fail.

While there are a thousand and one medium and strategies that any decent marketer or small business owner can use to attract new business leads, a particular medium reigns supreme. If you guessed video marketing, you are absolutely correct! Video marketing is all the rage right now, and a lot of marketers are adopting video marketing to generate business leads for one reason - it works! In a study carried out by Software Advice, it was reported that B2B businesses got the highest quality of leads via video marketing. If your marketing goal is to get a lot of quality leads in the pipeline, then you’d want to follow the trend by keying into video marketing. Why Video Marketing For Lead Acquisition? The chief reason why video beats every other medium of advertisement is that it offers a fast and easy way for users to consume information. The human brain is inherently lazy, and as a result, it constantly seeks the quickest way to absorb and process information. Multiple studies state that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

When you put that in perspective, it’s easy to see why you’d have far more reach and engagement with your marketing message when it is presented via video. Smart marketers who understand this concept are beginning to utilize video as a marketing tool to capture leads and boost the bottom line of their businesses. And if you are yet to join the bandwagon, now is a good time to do so. Ready to launch your very first lead acquisition campaign using video? Then take note of the three strategies below. These three strategies will supercharge your campaign and help you get the best results possible with minimal spend.  

Here are Three Ways to Generate More Leads Using Video:

Use Gated Video Content

Gating your videos mean precisely what it sounds like. It is the act of locking access to your video until prospects who visit your site take a predetermined action.

The predetermined action to be taken will differ from one campaign to the other, depending on what the immediate goals are. But typically, you’d want to collect essential info from your prospects or have them share your content before giving them access to your gated video content.Examples of actions to demand from prospects before granting them video access include:

  • Collecting name, email address or phone number
  • Booking a call
  • Have them tweet or share info about your business on Facebook
  • Have them download a file (e.g., company brochure, contact info, etc.)

Gating your video content is very effective for lead capturing. It is so effective that popular video hosting platform, Wistia, stated that users who use gated video content enjoy lead conversion rates of up to 16%. You can easily gate your video by embedding a form or a share/download button at the beginning of your video. You can alternatively have these elements show up when your prospects are a few minutes into your video content. Examples of valuable gated video content to offer your prospects includes:

  • Case study videos
  • How-to videos
  • Product reviews
  • Behind-the-scene videos
  • Live webinars

If you don’t have video production skills to create these video content types, you can easily engage the video production services of a videographer or a reputable video production house.

Put Videos on Your Landing Pages

The sole purpose of a landing page is to engage and pull prospects into your sales funnel instantly. While a well-written landing page copy will do just fine in converting some of your landing page traffic to leads, videos are capable of 10Xing whatever results you can get with only text-based copy.

Statistics from Forbes indicates that your website visitors are 88% more likely to spend more time on a page with video, than on one with just plain text. How does that benefit you? Apart from the fact that a prolonged website dwell time will increase your Google search rankings and bring you more organic traffic, it also directly increases your lead conversion rate. Examples of video content you can put on your landing page to increase engagement and lead conversion rates are product explainer videos, testimonial videos, and product demonstration videos. You don’t necessarily have to video creator, video editor, or be into web video production to create these types of videos. You can either build an in-house website video production team if your budget can accommodate that, or outsource the job to a production company.

Host Live Webinars

Hosting a live webinar is another great way to capture leads for your business. With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and pretty much every other social media platform having a live broadcast feature, it is now easier and cheaper than ever to host a live webinar with your prospects.

Now, I know that a lot of people are not very comfortable with the idea of facing a camera and dishing out content straight from the top of their heads. If you are one such person, not to worry, there’s a solution. The solution is to pre-record your webinar presentation and stream it live to your prospects via your social media platforms. Facebook allows you to do just this via a feature called “watch parties.” Pre-recording the video gives you the advantage of collecting your thoughts and logically presenting them if you are not fluid with live presentations. Another advantage of pre-recording your webinar is that you would have the opportunity to professionally edit the video to meet quality benchmarks. There are lots of professionals online or around you that offer videography services. These professionals can help you with the shooting and editing of your webinar video.  


Lead acquisition is critical for the preservation of every business. If you are a small business owner who is looking to sustain momentum or elevate the growth of his/her business, then effective and continuous lead acquisition is a must. While there are several ways you can go about lead acquisition for your business, video marketing has proven to be more engaging and cost-effective in attracting and acquiring the best types of leads. To get the very best from video marketing, you will need high-quality video content to use for your lead acquisition campaign. If you lack video production skills, you can still comfortably run successful video-based lead acquisition campaigns by learning the craft or hiring a creator. If you are based in St. Louis and you are in need of video services from St. Louis video production companies, think Whole Street Productions.

Whole Street Productions is a video production house with years of experience rendering professional video production services to happy clients. We also provide videography services. If you are interested in finding out how our video production services can help you boost the brand or growth of your business, feel free to contact us. We’d be good to you. How to Generate High-Quality Business Leads Using Video Marketing - Whole Street Productions

July 18, 2022
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