You believe your brand is ready to take the next step with its marketing efforts. So, you think to yourself, how about a promotional video? My friend, you would be making a wise decision in choosing video content to take your company’s marketing to the next level.Businesses that use video content grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. On top of that, one-third of online activity is spent watching video. There’s no better time than now to dive into using video content to promote your brand.Okay, I know I want to create video content for my brand, but what goes into that? The simple answer is… a lot. Don’t worry though – we’ve narrowed “a lot” down to four all-encompassing ingredients every promotional video needs to drive results.1. Clear and conciseYou must be straightforward. People don’t have time to waste on random banter or drawn-out information. They have clicked on your video and now they want to understand what message your business is trying to send. Give that to them in a quick manner.2. PersonalityIt’s more important now, than ever, to show your true self. Your audience will connect with you and your brand in a more meaningful way if you utilize your personality. Robotic talking heads are not something that will differentiate you from your competition. Showcasing a sense of humor or excitement is something we recommend and push for in our clients’ videos.3. Simple, yet purposeful editingFlashy, quick cuts are fine to grab the viewers’ eyes, but you must know when to ebb and flow. Mixing in longer shots can significantly help keep the audience involved and wanting more. Too fast, they may not comprehend. Too slow and they might get bored.4. Great audio/musicThe proper musical piece helps to balance visuals and engage another human sense. However, you don’t want something that is out of place or edited in simply because it’s a popular song. The audio has to have meaning and help accentuate the feelings you are trying to convey about your brand. Correct volume levels and proper audio editing are also important factors that many companies and individuals forget about.

June 24, 2022
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