At Whole Street Productions, we're all about telling stories. As a production company, it's our job to create effective commercials that sell your product or service by telling a story that engages viewers and leaves them with a lasting impression.

But what exactly goes into making a commercial? It’s more than just putting a camera in front of someone. It's a complex process that involves many moving parts. 

Today, we're going to look at the commercial production process and offer insights into how we create successful commercials. By educating yourself about each step — from pre-production until post-production—you'll get the most out of working with professionals who specialize in producing high-quality commercials that resonate with your target audience.


First off, we start by meeting with you and learning about your business. We want to know everything—from the products you make to your mission statement. This is where we really get to know who you are and what makes your company special.

We love to hear stories about how you started your business or how it evolved into what it is today. It’s here that we get to know each other as people, which helps us create a natural connection between our two companies.

Once we've got a good understanding of the brand, we'll help you figure out what you need and how to get it done. 


Our pre-production process involves working with you to get a clear idea of what your commercial is going to be about and what message you want to send. We'll figure out who your target audience is, and how to reach them with a commercial that's tailored specifically for them.

We’ll then work with our team of talented creatives to develop a video concept that best represents your company and its values. They’ll come up with a script that tells a powerful story and shows off the best parts of your business. A script is a blueprint for the commercial, and it will tell us exactly what's going to happen in your video. 

Next, the storyboard is a visual representation of your script, which gives everyone involved an idea of what each scene will look like before filming begins. Storyboarding allows us as filmmakers to plan out what shots we need for each moment of your script so we can effectively communicate all the important aspects of your brand in those precious few seconds.

Finally, we create a shot list to help us plan how best to approach production day by considering how many locations or actors are involved and whether there are any props needed as well (like costumes or vehicles). This way, we'll have everything planned out ahead of time so nothing falls through the cracks once we get going.

We then bring the concepts to life by planning the logistics of shooting a spot. We scout locations, create schedules, organize crews and equipment, secure filming permits, book talent, and ‌plan how much it will all cost. Our experienced team will take care of everything so that your commercial shoot goes smoothly on the day of filming.


The production process is the most exciting part of creating a commercial, where the entire crew comes together to shoot the spot and put all of their elements into it: actors, scenery, props, wardrobe, makeup and lighting.

Crew members you might see on set include:

  • The Executive Producer oversees the production of your commercial, making sure that it's being produced on time and within budget
  • The Director is the person who directs each scene and shot, ensuring that it works within the overall narrative of the commercial.
  • Camera Operators are responsible for setting up cameras and filming shots.
  • Art Directors handle the set design and props. They make sure that everything looks good, and works as it should.
  • Gaffers make sure that all the lights work properly and safely on set.
  • Grips set up lighting and moving equipment and props around the set.
  • Audio Engineers record the audio on set.
  • Hair and Makeup Artists are often the first people you will see on set. They are there to help talent look their best.

The day begins with a brief rundown of what's expected from each person involved, and then filming begins! The magic happens when we step on set. We begin by lighting and framing the first shot. During the shoot, we encourage collaboration and ideas from everyone involved. This is where we can achieve some fantastic “happy accidents”'.


Post-production is the final stage of commercial production and where things really start to get exciting!

During editing, the editor will cut together all the footage you captured during production, as well as add any additional elements such as music or graphics in order to make your final piece more dynamic.

Sound design refers to adjusting the sound recordings from the shoot day and adding new sound effects like a cash register ringing or coffee being poured.

Color correction involves adjusting the colors within an image so that everything looks consistent throughout your entire video from start to finish.

Once we have finished post-production, we’ll deliver your new commercial and you can show off all the hard work that went into it!


The commercial production process can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whole Street Productions is a full-service production company that specializes in commercial video production. We take the time to listen to our clients, follow through on the details, and help them produce a commercial that exceeds their expectations. 

If you’re looking for a video production company in St. Louis, contact us today! We’d love to help you create the perfect video for your business.

September 15, 2022
from our office in
St. Louis, MO

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