5 Types of Media Content to Help Build Your Brand

Create these 5 types of content for your brand to help your business engage with customers. Depending on if you have a brick-and-mortar location or if your business exists solely online, prioritizing some of this content will differ. Consistent content creation is paramount when aiming to reach new audiences driving traffic to your landing pages/website.

Location Photos / Videos of Your (Interior/Exterior) - Help people get comfortable with the building they will be walking into by taking photos of the interior. Use as much natural lighting as possible. Try to keep the light source behind the camera pointing towards the subject. Let customers know how to find the location and give them a visual for reference of the storefront for when they arrive. Show them where to park or what other buildings and landmark structures are nearby. This content can be posted on Instagram, Facebook and can be especially useful on your Google Business profile for those viewing your location on Maps.

Logo / Identifying Image - Utilize a logo or image that you want to be frequently seen by customers. Sometimes it can be an acronym, it could be a drawing, a series of shapes. Whatever it is, this usually appears overlaid in the corner of photos or videos. This is what you could also use as the profile pic of your pages online.

Team Photos / Videos - Take profile images of your staff or capture short ”about me” photos and/or videos to share on social media. This will give your customers a chance to get comfortable with company personnel, before they ever step foot in your store, give you a call or send an email. Provide a short background of work experience, show your personality, or share some trivial information that might be a good conversation starter.

Product Photos / Videos - Take images or close-up videos of your product. Show your customers what is so useful about your product and how it appears for its intended use. Leave room for imagination, but make sure to capture the right details to highlight the best components of your product. Again, make sure this is well-lit.

Behind The Scenes Photos / Videos - Take advantage of candid moments to show your customers your true side. Give them a look into what it really takes to run your business or create your product. Share moments they might not normally see. Don’t give the viewer too much too soon though. Sometimes, mystery adds to the image. Like I said before, leave some room for the imagination.

By creating content like this for your brand, you will be well on your way to finding the right customers and creating the engagement necessary for your business to succeed. If you are looking to invest in high-quality content, reach out to #TeamWholeStreet. We specialize in creating the best imagery possible and informational content that takes your brand to the next level. We always suggest doing what you can, on your own, while you can. With the capabilities of most smartphones, there is a lot you can accomplish when needing to create most of the content for your brand. As it becomes a critical part of your business, we will be here to help you keep up with the quality representation your customer expects. Thanks to your hard work and dedication.

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August 24, 2022
from our office in
St. Louis, MO

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