Tips to Nail Your Video Production for Marketing

There are many reasons why video marketing is an absolute must, but here are three:

  1. 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a service or product via video.
  2. Marketers who use video receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users
  3. 87% of people said a video convinced them to purchase a product or service.

In a nutshell, if you are wondering if video marketing is worth your time, resources, and effort, then rest easy because it's definitely worth it. But the only question is, how can you nail your video content strategy?

Apparently, producing a video for marketing is simple: shoot the video and publish it to engage with your audience, attract leads, and boost your conversion rate.

Also, video production is now cost-effective— you can record a high-quality video with your mobile phone. But hey, not everyone can do that effectively.

Without a good solid video marketing strategy, you won't reach your goal. And if you happen to have a solid strategy that's aligned with your goals, there are things you must do to increase your video's effectiveness.

We have put together a few research-backed video marketing tips to help you create video content that keeps consumers interested.

Video consumption has never been higher.

Determine Your Target Audience

Good video content is organized – it is not an afterthought. Determine how and where your video will be used, as well as who the video is for.

What do you know about your target audience? What are their pain points? How will your video solve their questions or problems? These questions would help you approach your target audience and create content that resonates with them.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Just like SEO, any marketing effort has to have a marketing strategy before execution. A strategy keeps marketing efforts aligned and accountable to short-term objectives and long-term goals.

In creating a business marketing strategy, the first person to consider is your target audience. You can understand them better by creating different personas for different groups of people in your target audience.

Next, decide what type of video content you want to put out. Your eventual choice would depend on the pain points and challenges faced by your target audience. The videos can be of different types depending on the marketing funnel stage, including but not limited to:

  1. How-to Videos
  2. Customer Testimonial Videos
  3. Educational Videos
  4. Entertaining Videos
  5. Product demos
  6. Interview Videos
  7. Case study videos
  8. Recorded Webinar Videos

The options are limitless, and you don't have to stick to one type of video content. Start with one or two different videos to avoid getting overwhelmed. Lastly, map out your production process and outline a distribution map for sharing your video.

Pay Attention to Audio and Lighting

There's nothing more distracting than a video with poor audio and lighting. The shadows and poor audio quality would only serve to distract your audience. Most watchers would bounce off a video with poor audio and lighting. Keep your audience's attention on your message and not on other things.

If you don't have access to lighting, find a window that provides natural sunlight and make this your key light (main source of lighting). You'd be surprised at how much a difference there is between a window and overhead fluorescent lights.

For audio, it's best to utilize an external microphone or lavalier mic, but if you can't swing the cost, use your smartphone to record audio. Set it on the desk in front of you, or rig it up on a stand. Regardless, it's a cheap alternative to purchasing an audio recording setup.

Create Relevant Content

Relevant content contains the right information and gives solutions. Some video marketers would just make videos on topics they feel should be covered.

But the problem with this is that they sometimes fail to address the concerns of their target audience when it is needed. Although your content might be important, it might not be relevant or valuable. Strive to create great, relevant content.

Study up on trends, not only in your industry but also in the video world.

Create Captivating Content

Creating an Oscar-worthy video that can't captivate your audience within the first 20 seconds is a waste of time. You may ask, "why."

The attention span of an internet user lies somewhere around 8 seconds. In the time it's taken a user to watch an opening line, they've probably picked up their phone at least twice or started making a to-do list mentally.

In essence, boring won't cut it. And so, about one-fifth of your audience will likely get distracted within the first few seconds unless you emphasize what they stand to gain from the onset.

You can also use these video marketing tips to hook your audience right off the bat else your video will go unwatched.

  1. Use a catchy topic
  2. Tell jokes
  3. Sound conversational and fun
  4. Ask an enticing, difficult question  
  5. Use words like "imagine" or "what if"

Optimize Your Video for SEO

No matter how great or relevant your video is, if it isn't optimized, you may not get to share it with most of your target audience. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Thus, optimizing your video content for YouTube can help improve your video marketing ROI.

So, what can you do to optimize your content for SEO?

  1. Add your website URL to your video
  2. Optimize your video description
  3. Use relevant keywords and tags
  4. Optimize video title using relevant keywords
  5. Optimize for mobile screens
  6. Add closed captions

Close Your Video With a Call-to-Action

If your viewers stick around till the end, it means that they are now truly interested in your offerings. Now you have the window to guide them to do some action like subscribe, start a free trial, browse your product catalog, and so on.

It is best to add a CTA at the beginning while you still have a captive audience. And that's simply because viewers tend to close the window when they realize the speaker is doing any promotion or wrapping up. You can add another CTA at the end, but this way, you've covered your bases early. Video marketing is a super effective tool unparalleled in its ability to advertise new products, increase brand engagement, and improve brand loyalty. However, video production for marketing requires thoughtful and strategic planning. With these video marketing tips, you can take advantage of this digital marketing trend to create great quality videos that are relevant and optimized.

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