Meet Your Local St. Louis Video Production Team

Whole Street Productions launched into the media industry as a dream child of
two unlikely friends, who learned to collaborate on a variety of artistic endeavors.
Initially, Ryan and I started out playing in a garage-rock band in high school. It then grew
into something bigger as we helped each other with our individual projects. This led to
the establishment of #TeamWholeStreet and we’ve been creating content together ever
since. It was no formulaic series of events that led us here.

In fact, it has been quite the adventure of ups and downs as we’ve traveled into
the unknown. Ryan and I are two very different, yet eerily similar people. One of the
things I believe is an attribute to our distinctiveness. Ryan has practiced and played
guitar since his early teens and has always been a passionate filmmaker from grade
school on. It's been an outlet for him to be able to focus on the tiny details and fine-tuning

his craft to perfection. Much like the way he observes the nuances as a Director.
I’ve always loved making music in any way I can and having a natural talent for art has
allowed me to dabble in all sorts of mediums. It helped me learn quickly what it takes to
be an editor and producer which requires looking at the bigger picture as well.

To add to that, Ryan graduated with a Film Degree, I graduated with a Political
Science Degree. The combination of our formal knowledge and education has been
especially helpful in building and maintaining relationships as we build a great network
of collaborators. Also, prior to committing to WSP full-time, I was in management in the
live-event industry and Ryan was in retail management. As part of leadership in those
companies, it helped teach us what it takes to run a business as we created the habits
necessary to operate our own company. It made for great preparation as we dared to
step out on our own. Our connections and experience in these fields have absolutely
contributed to the success of Whole Street Productions to this point.

We are a small business driven by two creatives whose strengths and
weaknesses as individuals, complement those of the other. Like many say… opposites
attract. For instance, Ryan is not a fan of being in front of the camera and would prefer
to operate behind the scenes. I, on the other hand, am usually the first one to volunteer
when we need an extra or when Ryan thinks it would be great for me to make a cameo

Lastly, it's important to note how much we love working on our own projects! Yes,
we do provide a number of services to help our clients produce the highest quality
media to represent them. And we love helping others to accomplish that. But, before we
did it for anyone else, we did it for ourselves. As much as we are professionals, deep
down we still feel like those two kids who set out to make some great and entertaining
art together for the fun of it. I don’t know if we’ll ever grow out of that. Here’s to making
great things happen, with great people.

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June 30, 2022
from our office in
St. Louis, MO

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