Hello everyone, my name is Michael Segura. I am the co-founder of Whole Street Productions with Ryan Tolleson. Ryan and I decided to start Whole Street Productions well after we had many years of experience collaborating together. In high school, we were actually in a garage rock band where he was the lead guitarist and I moved from singer to bass guitarist to back up guitarist and basically wherever they needed me to fill in at the time.

In 2006, we graduated from Civic Memorial High School. Ryan made his way to Webster University to pursue a film degree, as I went further up north in the western Chicago suburbs to pursue my Political Science degree and my collegiate football career at Benedictine University. While Ryan was at Webster, he had a lot of student film projects he needed help on. So this gave me an opportunity to learn about filmmaking. During my weekends off I would travel from Chicago to St. Louis on the train to help out wherever I could, whenever I could.

Also, while I was in school I was putting a lot of effort into making music as an independent artist, mainly in the hip-hop genre. This gave both of us the opportunity to film music videos for a lot of the music I was producing. Over time, Ryan had graduated and I was still in school for a few more semesters. Ryan began working as a videographer for a wedding videography company and during that time a lot of our friends were getting engaged. They knew we had experience with filmmaking, so eventually, we stepped out on our own to film weddings. Over the years we have filmed hundreds of weddings.

Fortunately, we've been able to transition the momentum of our videography company, over to the commercial production of our business. It is growing just as fast as weddings have. It's been a blast to create content with a variety of individuals, whether it's artists, brands, local businesses, or anyone who has a story to tell and want to get the message out. We've really enjoyed doing this every day and anytime we get the chance. We hope you enjoy our content and if you have any questions or want to learn more about us, please make sure to reach out.

We love having conversations about filmmaking, about music, about anything in general especially when it comes to creating content. We'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who continues to support our business and everyone who has helped us start from the beginning and everything in between. It's been a true pleasure of ours and we couldn't get here without your help. Thank you.


June 24, 2022
from our office in
St. Louis, MO

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